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Get a book in 3 easy steps

Scroll through the book directory below and find a book in your nearby areas that interests you.

Select the book record and click the link under 'Get Book'

Decide a time & place to exchange the book by mutual agreement. (This is also your chance to get to know like-minded folks in your local community!)

We are grateful!

Shout out to all the amazing people who have volunteered to list their books in the directory. Their willingness to share resources with other people in their local community is appreciate beyond words. Every book you add makes the network stronger! To know more about our philosophy behind making Reach, read our blog here.

Reach out to us

Reach is in private beta at the moment and geographically limited to selected pin-codes in Mumbai and Nashik. We highly appreciate any kind of feedback or suggestions. You can reach out to us at or say Hi on Twitter (Harshal/Elroi).

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